Graduates 2017: Alisha Gould

The brief for my studio was to imagine how life could be in 2061 and create a narrative of what happens over the years and then speculate how architecture would respond to these changes.”

Can you tell us a bit about the project?

“I decided to focus on the current news of the UK leaving The European Union and the current Conservative Governments policies regarding food and energy production. From this I developed a complex narrative which sees all Public Houses in England become growing centers controlled by the English Government.”

“Within the project I developed hypothetical legislation and regulations that would be passed by the English Government which lead to the development of architectural elements that would allow the growth and production of food and energy for the English population in 2061.

These individual elements were then specified to a specific site in Ilford, London: an old disused Pub: The Rose & Crown. This pub became the focal point for my project. I developed the narrative further to rethink the traditions of pubs in England as community spaces with many people having a ‘local’ they normally visit.

The end result was to protect and develop the existing pub into a new program of food production, social spaces and government workshop/advice spaces for members of the surrounding community to learn about food waste reuse and sustainable growing methods whilst enjoying The Rose & Crown’s food and drink produced on site.”

Alisha Gould

“Although the project became specific to one Public House for design purposes, I intended for the projects principles to have the potential to be applied to other public houses all around England.

The whole project was a speculation on our habits of food and energy consumption in the near future and how government legislation could transform and change to benefit the environment and peoples health.

Politics is a great interest of mine and I wanted to use that to expand the typical narrative of architecture projects in university, especially with the election coming up and the importance of young voters.”

Alisha Gould

Can you tell me a bit about your course?

“A predominant element I enjoyed and appreciated through the course was the studio culture and inclusive attitude of the school. There is always a focus upon keeping an open mind about what architecture is, allowing self reflection and further understanding of varying elements of the subject.

Through things such as lunchtime staff lectures, project review days and open crits you are really able to expand your own perspective of architecture.”

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