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Graduates 2017: Alice Winzar

“My intent was to capture the subtle beauty found within mundane objects.”

Hi Alice. Tell us about your collection ‘Habitation’

“This collection was born from the fascination I have with everyday objects that surround us in our home environment. It is about someone loving their habitation and subtle details it contains so much that they morph and become at one with each other.”

My intent was to capture the subtle beauty found within these mundane objects, and recreate key elements I admired within my own room. I did this by using a novel approach to pattern cutting, creating covers of my chair and sofa, and reforming moulds of textures found within my room.

Blending pattern cutting and upholstery techniques I then draped with these covers to create fluid and abstract silhouettes. Fabrics I used were real wood, vintage silk curtains and upholstery products and fabrics.”

How have you found the course?

“I like the vibrancy of living in Brighton. I’ve learnt a lot throughout the four year course. The year out interning was very productive and I feel like I learnt a lot of important skills then.”

Where did you do your placement year?

“I worked at multiple places: J.W Anderson, Craig Green, Simona Melegari, Selfridges, London and Rory Parnell Mooney all in London. I also worked for Gap in New York.”

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One thought on “Graduates 2017: Alice Winzar

  1. How refreshingly new and inventive these designs look,. Impressive use of colour and fabrics too. Well done !

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