Graduates 2017: Elliot Marshall

“My work focuses mainly around sentimentality and memories within designs, creating experiential and evoking designs that would allow a user to feel different emotions as they take a journey through our chosen site.”

Can you tell us a bit about your work Elliot?

“My final year project is based in Newhaven and is about restoring some of the history and nostalgia of the town of Newhaven back to its streets, being respectful to character of the town and giving them something back to allow them to have some of their pride back to their town. I have done this by inserting two workshops into our site, to allow them influence the town and the people too their response to a client lead brief.

I personally use a mixed set of skills working mainly in models and continuous line drawings to allow me to create a narrative for my design.”

Elliot Marshall

How have you found the Interior Design course?

“This course has really allowed me to flourish as a designer and has allowed me to develop my self and my social skills, allowing me to better my skills, but also myself, allowing me to get ready to take on a career in something that I love.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“After graduation my plan is to begin looking for work in the Interior Architecture design field and gaining the experience I need to do well l in this field.”

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