Lucia Hamlin

Graduates 2017: Lucia Hamlin

“The overall themes involved within my creative practice have been a combination of Religion, Archaeology, and contemporary concepts of Science Fiction.”

Hi Lucia, could you tell us about your work and what inspires you?

“I am heavily inspired by an ‘Outsider’ Archaeological theory, which looks into the idea of beings with elongated craniums being misinterpreted as ‘Gods’ by a primitive human race. Through this idea I have created works that are a comical and iconoclastic critique of the God figure, seeking to redefine the concept of a ‘God’s’ painted representation by merging this archaeological evidence with iconography of the Catholic religion. This theory is also represented in my work alongside my own opinion of Catholicism.

Lucia Hamlin

Throughout my life I have experienced a conflicting relationship with being raised Catholic, due to suffering from an incurable lung disorder. This lead me to investigate the absence of ‘God’ within my work, in which I answer, by depicting Gods as skeletons to reflect upon the idea that God is dead, personally, physically and culturally. I depict these icons in a humorously offensive and immature manner, as a dig at the narrow-mindedness of religion, and to put across the idea that maybe God has stopped caring and is now mocking the obsceneness and immorality of modern humanity.


The technique of how I paint comprises of using gloss liquid acrylic mediums and matt gel mediums to echo the visceral physicality of dripping blood, excrement, and bones to abjectly represent a divine figure. I often like to use fake/ synthetic acrylic colours to resonate the credibility of Catholic doctrine and icons.”

Lucia Hamlin

What plans are your plans following graduation?

“I am applying for an MRes in Arts and Cultural research at the University of Brighton, which I hope to be accepted onto after graduation. After this I want to be able to work in Museum environments, where I can further pursue research into my interest of Outsider Archaeology alongside my creative practice.”


How have you found studying at Brighton?

“The past three years being part of Fine Art Painting have been absolutely incredible. What I liked most about this course is how accepting it is of all painting styles, as other courses I’d looked at were quite restrictive.

All of the tutors experience and guidance have been invaluable toward helping me to achieve the best out of my creative practice. I feel like I have been part of such a caring and friendly environment. Even when I didn’t have the greatest of experiences in second year due to health issues, tutors and students alike were really supportive and understanding. Brighton has allowed me to successfully develop my practice, and I would thoroughly recommend this course.”

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