sculpture by harriet feest

Graduates 2017: Harriet Feest

“Experimenting with the way people interact with colour within an installation enables me to explore the physical connection of colour and the potential affect it may have on an audience.” 

Hi Harriet – tell us about the inspiration behind your sculptures 

“I investigate the immersive and embodied experience of the perception of colour. Working with colour to represent the intangible, I attempt to make colour a physical presence in a space. By considering human perception as a layered embodied experience it allows me to explore my interest in to colour, rhythm and interaction.

“My work is born from a need to explore colour. Colour surrounds us day and night yet there is such an asymmetry between what we can see and what we can say.My work comprises three-dimensional structures, installations and drawings. I use transparent materials such as Perspex, glass, clear film. These act like a window to discovering the truth of colour. I also enjoy working with tactile materials which juxtapose the idea of colour being intangible.”

Drawing is a key element of my practice that provides me with a way of distinguishing my own language of colour. It also enables me to define the tension between the intangible and the unavoidable in our day to day lives. The merging of sculpture, colour and interactive is something that I am currently developing.”

sculpture by harriet feest

Tell us about your degree show exhibition

“My work that has led up to the degree show has always included lights. Despite working with lights more I’m still keen to sustain the materiality of my work. Bridging the gap between colour being tangible but still intangible.”

My degree show piece hopes to bring together all the ideas and thinking that I have accumulated in my degree. I have chosen to think of the exhibition space as a whole, having my work scattered around the exhibition but all interlinked by motion sensors, instead of having one assigned section. The viewer will partake in interaction with colour, through the movement of the body, creating a path of colour through the gallery space. There will be six different frames that will be suspended from the ceiling around the space. When the lights turn on colour patches will be visible on the floor to represent the uncontainable nature of colour, the way it seeps through are everyday. When do we ever see colour separate from association?”

sculpture by harriet feest

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sculpture by harriet feest

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