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Graduates 2017: Gustav Freij

“My final piece is called Pub Crawl, a series of illustrations which document drinking culture in Brighton. I was inspired by Brighton’s fantastic range of quirky pubs and the darker subject of binge drinking which surrounds them.”

Hi Gustav. Looking forward to seeing ‘Pub Crawl’ – will you be showing any other projects at the grad show?

“I’ll also be showing a series of collages based around prehistoric humans, although this project was more an exercise in image making. The two are tied together by an interest in anthropology; both are concerned with human behaviour.”

Paleolithic Cave Art

How have you found the Illustration BA(Hons)?

“I have had the chance to explore and experiment with many different forms of visual language; in the end of the third year there is such a diverse range of work from everyone. At first I thought I’d be learning more traditional forms of illustration, however at Brighton the emphasis is on creative thinking, which has really pushed me to discover forms of image making I’d never even considered. I’ve also fallen in love with Brighton itself, not just for it’s high density of cosy pubs but it’s cheerful and alternative atmosphere.”


What’s next for you?

“Following graduation I plan to start freelancing and interning; anything to get my foot in the door. I also have few personal projects planed, which I’m really looking forward to.”

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