Graduates 2017: Grace Florence King

“Coming from a foreign country and having never studied in a UK based school or college, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be, I’ve had the most amazing time!”

Hi Grace – tell us about your work

“For my final year project, I’m creating a food token game aimed at children who struggle to eat healthily. The inspiration for the game came from summer work at my mother’s nursery.  I could see first-hand exactly what parents packed their children for lunch and snacks during the day and every day I saw that most of the food was unhealthy, processed and of little nutritional value.  All the food had a very common theme though – it was all very quick and easy to just put in a lunch box, and the kids just loved it!

With my game, each day the children would get eight ingredient tokens to put through the game, without knowing which ingredient corresponds to each token. The tokens are divided into fruit and veg, carbohydrates and protein. Once each token is caught in the cup at the bottom of the game, the ingredient they have unlocked will appear on the screen via the app. As and when the children unlock all eight ingredients from the game, three different healthy and easy recipes will appear for the children to prepare and cook with their parents.

With this game, I hope to enhance both parents and children’s healthy eating experiences and more importantly their lasting, ongoing relationship with not only food but each other. Allowing the children to play a fun, healthy food inspired and intriguing game to unlock different ingredients and to create new, fun and healthy meal options will get children back in the kitchen and back to grass root levels.”

What are your plans following graduation?

“I’m hoping to find potential investors to help me take my project further into the ‘healthy eating’ market, but if that isn’t possible, I’d love to have a product or graphic design job in London or Brighton, where I could evolve my design skills and knowledge and put myself on the design ladder!

My dream is to work there for a design company for a few years learning and testing new skills.  I hope to be able to take my skills and apply them to my own design consultancy where I can be based anywhere in the world and use my Spanish language to help me gain a good international client base so I can pick and choose my commissions and maybe get a bit of free time travelling as well!”

Can you tell us about your time on the Product Design course?

“The course has been brilliant and I’ve learned so many new skills which I will take with me through life.  I came from a very strict Spanish School where all our technical drawings were done by hand – CAD was a revelation to me! The help I’ve had from my tutors and peers has been invaluable and exceptional, there has always been someone to help or listen to me. The one thing I love about Product Design is that all of us share a studio where we can help each other out. Final years can help second years, and second years can help first years! There’s a real sense of parenthood about it!”

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