Graduates 2017: George Chanarin

“I’m hoping that the concept will encourage the user to question how the urban environments work and draw attention to the need for greater ecological unity in the urban environments we build for ourselves.”

Can you tell us about your work?

“My concept is based around urban agro-ecology which looks at reintroducing more ‘natural’ ecosystems into cities. I’m designing a system that converts food waste in the home into good quality soil using the lifecycle of the black soldier fly. 

The unit blends food waste to feed larvae in a lower vessel that very efficiently convert the waste into soil that can be extracted from the unit that sits below a tall light that houses the flies during the breeding phase of there lives. 

The light simulates the right climate for the flies to breed. The hatch opens to a shredder that blends the food waste increasing the surface area for the organisms to convert the waste. The wooden vessel below houses the larvae and the compost. The handle is turned to extract the soil form the base into the pot provided.

The idea is that the unit will work as a self sustaining ecosystem where the flies provide a natural alternative to wasting food.

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