Anthony Henry

Graduates 2017: Anthony Henry

Can’t stop gaming? Product Design student Anthony hopes his design will drag you from the sofa with the power of scent.

Hi Anthony – describe the product you’ve created for your final project

“It’s a scent reminder that looks to tackle gaming addiction – it uses the instinctual cues of smells and memory to prompt the user to stop gaming. It’s inspired by my own gaming habits!”

The diffuser uses fragrance oils or essential oils – the person picks their fragrance, puts a pod in and sets the timer. It’s a subtle non-intrusive kind of an alarm and something that doesn’t ruin the gaming experience. The aroma will start half an hour before alarm is due. The diffuser has a colour sensor – LEDs go on in sequence and are set to the time that you want to stop gaming. It would probably cost around £40-50.”

Why did you choose to create something related to gaming?

“Because it’s a huge market – there are celebs within gaming (or ‘e-sports’). Competitive people get paid to play games and it’s huge money for the winners of tournaments.”

Tell us about your experience on the Product Design with Professional Experience BSc(Hons)?

“The more you put in the more you get. I think the resources are good and it really teaches you to work with other people. I would 100% recommend it. When I was looking, I looked at Brighton as a town with the creative identity I needed to be a good designer. I didn’t want a campus based uni as I don’t think you’d get as much exposure to other stuff around you”

I did my placement in interior design at the United Design Partnership which was involved with major projects like high-end hotels and tennis stadiums.”

What next?

Straight afterwards I’m looking to go abroad – I’m from London and I want to go somewhere completely new. I really like exhibition design or I’d like to work on gaming related projects.”

A selection of Product Design students will be showing at New Designers in London.


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