Graduate Show 2017: Studios get busy

Preparations for the Graduate Show 2017 are well underway. Fine Art Painting course leader Chris Stevens describes the atmosphere in the studios.

In the run up to the shows, all the studios are buzzing with activity. Pretty much every available space is now hung with works that are drying, or canvases being primed, or stretchers put together. And with the activity now getting close to fever pitch there is a fantastic feeling of camaraderie across all three year-groups. This year’s graduate shows look to be some of the most varied and dynamic we have ever had in the department, with students working across a huge range of styles, subjects and media. Some works easily classed as painting, while others really test what the discipline might embrace in the 21st century.

And it’s not just the third years who are getting things together. At a certain point in every year when we look back at what students have been up to over the preceding months, it always amazes all the teaching staff just how many journeys of discovery can take place in such a short space of time in just one course.

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