Edward Street by Jim Stephenson

Edward Street looking good on Floornature website

Our newest development, once a tired office block, is highlighted by Floornature architecture magazine. Visit the Floornature website to see more images and text about our photography, film and media building which opened in 2016.

Photograph by Jim Stephenson.

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One thought on “Edward Street looking good on Floornature website

  1. It definitely has come a long way. I remember how it looked when Alumni and CENTRIM moved in in 2013/14. When I went to my job interview there I thought I had been sent to an abandoned building, there was upturned furniture all over the place and the windows were so dirty I couldn’t see through them. There was even a room of ancient computers on the ground floor. And the spaghetti junction of cables reminded me of a scene from Alien. It was definitely an odd experience.

    I love how the building looks now. My favourite parts are the cabinets built in to some of the walls with Screen Archive Southeast exhibits and the concrete-looking pillars. It is a stunning transformation.

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