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Hear Professor Julie Doyle speaks on climate change and communication

Come along to Professor Julie Doyle’s inaugural lecture on 3 May, 6.30pm at Grand Parade.

At the lecture, Professor Julie Doyle will argue that in the context of increasing global threats to climate science/policy and climate justice, working together in ways that are creative, caring and challenging are required to enable the move towards more climate resilient societies.

As the impacts of global climate change become increasingly more visible and felt, climate change remains a remote and future issue for many people in western countries. What role does media and communication play in bringing climate change into the ‘here and now’ of the everyday? And how can mediated communication help us engage with climate change in ways that generate positive action rather than overwhelm and despair?

Drawing upon her distinctive research, Professor Julie Doyle foregrounds how visual and mediated communication constructs knowledge and shapes perceptions of climate change within society. Through her scholarship, activism and partnerships with artists, educators, business and NGOs, Professor Doyle will present three key challenges and opportunities for climate change communication: making climate change visible as a cultural issue within media, popular culture and climate science; connecting climate change to the emotions and practices of our identities and everyday life, specifically through our food and eating habits; working creatively across disciplines to emotionally engage and empower different communities, particularly young people, to help envision sustainable futures.

Communicating climate change in an age of un/certainty

Julie Doyle, Professor of Media and Communication

Wednesday 3 May 2017, 6.30 pm.

Sallis Benney Theatre
Grand Parade

Free event. All are welcome. If you would like to attend please register online no later than 48 hours prior to the event


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