Male couple by Heather Shuker

MA Photography grad tipped by Rangefinder

Heather Shuker’s wedding photography is a world away from the usual fairytale images – realistic and distinctive, it’s getting her noticed. Heather, who graduated from MA Photography at Brighton in 2012, has been selected as one of the top 30 rising stars of wedding photography across the world by the influential Rangefinder magazine.

Each year the team of editors receive nominations from industry leaders for talented wedding photographers worldwide, before agreeing on around 200 and inviting them to submit a portfolio of work. Submissions are scrutinised by the panel of editors before finalising a list 30 honourees who show a solid understanding of light, composition and emotion, all displayed through their very own unique honed style.

Speaking about her work Heather said: “The world is full of beautiful wedding photography – but much of it is beginning to look the same. To me, wedding photography is about creating distinctive images with beauty and realism. My style is an eclectic mix of contemporary fine art and documentary: it’s all about creativity and individuality.

“As a photographer, I am drawn to aesthetics of design. Influenced by fashion and shooting mainly within urban inner London, my style is less about the epic and romanticism of a wedding and more about making simple yet distinctive images.

“I also like to use colour within my compositions to infuse my work with life. As Kandinsky said, ‘Colour is a power which directly influences the soul’.

“I approach and photograph every wedding in a unique way – one that reflects the character and style of each couple. I always tell my couples that “I photograph you so you look like you.” I never overtly pose but instead suggest scenarios and see what comes naturally with just a sprinkling of direction.

“Creative photography is about looking beyond the obvious and seeing possibilities. Wedding photography for me is not about going to the ends of the earth and back to achieve the ultimate shot: it’s about working with what you have, and seeing and making beautiful compositions out of the ordinary.”



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