Product Design alumni invention trialled in New York

The award-winning Laserlight designed by Product Design with Professional Experience graduate Emily Brooke is being trialled on New York’s Citi Bikes fleet.

The lights, which have been used on the Santander bikes in London since 2015,  will now be trialled on 250 bikes this winter in a partnership between Citi Bikes and Emily’s company Blaze.

Research into the use of the Laserlight on Santander bikes revealed that its use on bikes at night make them even more visible than a cyclist in daytime.

Plus the majority of London bus drivers surveyed said the light made it easier to notice and react to cyclists at night.

Emily invented and launched Laserlight while she was studying in Brighton. The innovative device projects a symbol of a bike on to the road a distance ahead of a cyclist to alert road users to the cyclist’s presence. It has been hailed by reviewers as the ‘safest light on the road’ as its projection covers previously invisible areas in a driver’s visibility range.

The invention won Emily numerous awards including the New Generation Award at the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Awards.

The Laserlight is on sale in 50 countries and is expected to generate sales of more than £1 million in 2015. It was previously selected as part of MoMA’s prestigious new product line in New York.

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