sci fi creatures

Sci-fi creatures on show at Grand Parade until Monday 28 Nov

Fashion with Business students are presenting six sci-fi creatures on display outside the Grand Parade cafe, as part of Bright Friday, an festival offering an alternative to the consumerist frenzy of Black Friday.

On display are six creatures and a selection of sketchbooks and illustrations from the project. The Sci-Fi Creatures project has been delivered in collaboration with Brighton-based textile artist DrNoki, who worked with students to create the creatures using second-hand, discarded clothing and found materials that were destined for landfill.

Students worked in pairs to build their creature, documenting their process in sketchbooks. This process helped inspire and inform their fashion design collections.

The sci-fi creatures are designed and made by:

Scott Toulis & Max Alexander; Ellie Bishop-Williams & Chloe Heath; Sara Zubillaga Fernandez & Holly-Ann Tullett; Grace Blackman & Olivia Blakeman; Fluke Hadley and Joanne Kim; Fia Jacobs and Jacob Maseyk.

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