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Product Design graduate’s work spotted at end-of-year show hits the market

Helios Touch, designed by James Vanderpant during his final year studying Product Design, is now available to buy with the help of Dyena, a company who specialise in engine design and maritime architecture.

Helios lights

The modular wall light uses moveable hexagon panels to design a unique artwork. Any space can be turned into a light source, and with a swipe, the wall is illuminated by the path of the hand. The low-voltage LED panels are attached using internal magnetic contacts allowing them to be rearranged into any shape.

James, who graduated from Product Design with Professional Experience BSc in 2016, said: “Initial research revealed that advancements in energy efficiency were not necessarily leading to a reduction of overall energy consumption within lighting – thus the project took on a direction of tackling energy consumption from a different angle.

“This product is a solution by being a more dynamic and personal lighting system; it is specific to each individual environment and scenario, ensuring a minimal amount of waste.

“Using their technical knowledge, Dyena’s team of engineers made major progress with the internal design, optimising functionality and creating a more suitable solution for manufacture.”

For more information and to see a video of Helios Touch, visit www.heliostouch.com

For more information about product design courses at the university, go to:  and for more information about university alumni, go to: https://www.brighton.ac.uk/alumni/index.aspx

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