Day 3: Scavenger Hunts – Actionbound vs Paper #bright5d

Hi, it’s day 3 and time for the scavenger hunt session.

Today’s session is all about the Gamification of learning using an old favourite the scavenger hunt.

Essentially the tradition of a scavenger hunt is to send players on a mission to find locations and complete challenges based on clues provided. This technique can be developed for a variety of learning purposes including:

  • Induction
  • Orientation
  • Site visits
  • Cultural visits
  • Field trips



Tool 1: Paper


Paper -flexible, versatile. Surely that’s all you really need? You can create the instructions and clues for your scavenger hunt on a single piece of paper.


Scavenger hunts are used for induction, orientation and team building. They’re a great ice breaker for new students – remember to include a chance for students to grab a coffee in the scavenger hunt.

Need to know:

  • Paper is cheap and can be recycled
  • Think about what you want your participants to see or do. The clues might just get your participants to a location they may not know about


A scavenger hunt is an ideal way to let new students to work together in teams and get to know the campus. There are some useful ideas and tips at the outdoor bookclub

We’ve created a Scavenger Hunt for in-and-around Grand Parade and up to St. Peters House (clue hint!). You will need to be physically located at Grand Parade for this scavenger hunt or a very good guesser.


Tool 2: Actionbound

photo by Adrianna Calvo

photo by Adrianna Calvo


A web-based tool that enables you to create mobile adventures and interactive guides for smartphones and tablets.


Makes learning fun, interactive and engaging and is a great way of encouraging students to look beyond their normal field of vision.

Need to know

  • You can set up a free trial account by going to but if you’re a member of staff or student here at the University of Brighton we have a site license so please contact your LTA for details on how to get one of our accounts.
  • Participants need one of the following ‘smart’ device to take part: iPhone, Pad, Android device – the app can be downloaded from here:
  • Participants need to be online to start the ‘Bound’ but can take part and complete the ‘Bound’ offline before uploading once online again.

We’ve created a short video demonstrating how to create an actionbound game with a few missions


We have been piloting the use of Actionbound and have a number of uses around the university. The catalyst project at the University of Brighton was one led by Clare Millington in the Brighton Business School in partnership with the Students Union using a different solution called Scramboo. This project was published as part of the JISC Digital Festival in 2015, see: for more details of the project.

Here are some other examples:

  • Business – Campus orientation and induction for post graduate international students – module leader Barry Lee-Scherer
  • Media – student project to develop a location-based game – module leader Frauke Behrendt
  • Humanities – Cultural/Interactive tour of Brighton for first year UG students – project lead Anna Vaughan Kett
  • Subject guide/tour of St Peter’s House Library – project lead Sarah Ison

Today’s activity

Download the actionbound app and use one of the QR codes below to participate in an example bound.


Bound 1 – a virtual degree show This one could be used virtually as well as physically.

Bound 2 – a mini campus tour This one you need to be onsite to complete

Bound 2 – a mini campus tour This one you need to be onsite to complete

Join the debate #whichisbest on Twitter using #bright5d in the format below. We will ask you a question on Twitter using the hash tags #whichisbest and #bright5d you respond is the following way, if paper is your choice then reply to the tweet using #paper #bright5d and include a brief summary of why you chose paper. If your answer is bound then use #bound #bright5d instead.

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