16th of March

Professional development workshop: taking better photos

  • When taking pictures of your work, make sure the camera is in high resolution so when you zoom in you can see the details.
  • It is better to back up your work and pictures in your computer either by coping them or uploading them to the cloud so that you have more storage in your phone and your files are safe in case you damage or loose your phone. There is an app called “We Transfer” to transfer files for free. Also, make sure to take aadvantage of the university’s unlimited One Drive storage from your email account.
  • If working with artificial lights, make sure they are all the same. Get daylight bulbs to correct lighthing. You can also get a reflector to point to bulb to the wall of the ceiling.
  • Don’t have different colored background when taking pictures of your paintings. Have a white or grey background so it doesn’t mess up with the white balance of the image.
  • Put a white sheet on the floor to reduce darkness coming from the floor. You can also get a lamp so the light bounces off a sheet.
  • Try to take pictures outside if you have no studio space e.g. garden. Put a white sheet or ideally have two people holding the sheet to simulate a wall.

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