9th of March

Social media started in 1974 with the Berkley community memory. It is used to built up an online community. There are different regulations in each country in terms of what is being published or share.

What are the ideals of the internet?

  • Being part of a community
  • For sharing
  • Having a voice
  • Contributing
  • Creating value
  • User generated
  • Enhaving our experience of the world (physical and virtual)
  • Digital citizenship

New media is an on-demand access to content anytime and anywhere on any digital device. It is an interactive user feeback that creates creative participation. New and unrelagullated content is generated in real-time.

The functional building blocks of social meadia (according to Ketzmann, Hermkens, McCarthy and Silvestre):

  • Presence: identfying whether members are accessible and/or available.
  • Relationships: conversing, sharing, meeting up, listing contacts, friends or followers.
  • Reputation: identifying who members are.
  • Identity: revealing identities and personal information.
  • Groups: forming communities.
  • Conversation: commnunicating with other members.
  • Sharing: receiving, exchanging and distributing content.

Creating content

Writing for social media should generally follow the style poihnts outlined in the tone of voice and house style guide. Some social media platforms have a character limit (e.g. Twitter. Facebook and Instagram have no limit but one sentence or a short phrase is preferred).

  • Encourage user interaction.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Don’t oversude capitalisation or exclamation marks.
  • When you share links, make sure you explain what it is about and focus on why it is relevant to your audience.
  • Don’t use link shorteners generally as they have a lower click through rate.

Questions to ask when you are compiting in social media:

  • Who do you think their audience are?
  • What platforms are they using?
  • Do they have more than one channel per platform?
  • How often are they sending these messsages out?
  • Are they using the different platforms differetly?
  • What is the level of engagement?
  • What is the sentiment of the engagement?
  • Do people engage with them?
  • Like/favourite/love or reply/leave comments?
  • Who is engaging witht the message?

The social platforms that I use are Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Soundcloud and Spotify. I use them quite a lot, some more than others. The social media platforms that I have used in the past that I now no longer use are Skype, Wattpad, Behance, Flickr, and Flipboard. I admire Pinterest and Tumblr because that’s where I can get most photographs of anything that can help me grow up my art archive.

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