16th of February

Essentials for holding an exhibition

  • Should an artist stament narrate the evolution of an artist’s work or should it narrate who is the artist?
  • Provide meta-data; all information supplied about the artwork (e.g. title, dimensions, materials, name, year). This is an abstract term.
  • Inform people about the show.
  • When talking about organizing an exhibition, don’t make it too personal.
  • Timing needs to be good. Missing deadline can be calamitous.
  • Even if organazing an exhbition, it is important to hold a private viewing.
  • Never close before actual closing time. You never know if someone comes at the last minute. Don’t feel down/underestimate.
  • When approaching an exhibition of multiple people, you can either based it off a theme or use the existing work as a starting point.
  • It is simportant the esxhibition will be available for a limited amount of time because in that people feel limited and feel rush to show up to the exhibition.
  • Exhibition looks unfinished if there is missing work.
  • If work is being sold, the artist needs to consider the selling price, transport, delivery, and frames prices.

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