From Zero

My journey with weightlifting began in 2016, before starting I have always been interested in bodybuilding, but it never would have crossed my mind that one day I would be on the same track as those I have admired. The reason for that was because I never considered calorie intake and my diet was full of unhealthy choices. Despite the love I had for food, I did not feel comfortable with the life I had and to me it was never just about appearance but rather how I felt internally, which made me realise that I was in desperate need for change. Therefore, I set myself a goal to lose weight and start serious weightlifting and I was willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that.

Although I was very much interested in weightlifting, I did not have much knowledge on how to start or achieve my goal, which is why I decided to get guidance from a professional personal trainer. Since then I have seen noticeable changes in myself both physically and mentally. However, Despite the great process I made, I faced many challenges keeping up with my training schedule and preparing meals mainly because I started training in my first year of university. Due to that it took me quite some time until I managed to fully focus on myself to the extent I wished for.

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