To hero

Throughout my experience with training i have realised that there are many misleading advice on the internet. People seem to think that what works for one person works for everyone, which is a huge misconception! that is why I decided that in coming years, I want to become a certified trainer and nutritionist, to provide […]

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Few months backĀ  I started intense training, pushing myself with serious weightlifting and a strict diet to become the best version of myself. There are many times where I feel down and tired but looking back to when there were certain weights I could not carry and sets I couldĀ not finish and seeing how with […]

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From Zero

My journey with weightlifting began in 2016, before starting I have always been interested in bodybuilding, but it never would have crossed my mind that one day I would be on the same track as those I have admired. The reason for that was because I never considered calorie intake and my diet was full […]

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This blog demonstrates weekly posts of practicing Weightlifting, a hobby that when I found, I found myself.

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