Fail better: Notes to a younger writing self

Creative writing and novel writing advice I wish I'd given myself years ago


Our narrative world

Western Road Brighton – a city’s lost decade and a council’s public shame

What happened to Western Road? The housing in central Brighton is some of the country’s most expensive outside desirable London; it’s a central thoroughfare between major parts of one of the best-known cities in England; it has architecture to be proud… Continue Reading →

When do you throw the books away?

Three things happened recently, all of which conspired to remind me – not that I needed reminding – of an old story my father enjoys telling. The three things were: my youngest son’s book exchange day at school; managing the… Continue Reading →

Academic Profiles – top tips and seven common faults – how to improve

Surprisingly, given the common sense of most business practice, universities are often less than excellent in communicating their greatest asset. What most people want from university is to engage with staff, staff who will help make an experience for us,… Continue Reading →

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