Fail better: Notes to a younger writing self

Creative writing and novel writing advice I wish I'd given myself years ago


Liverpool fc stories

#LIVBAR 7 May 2019 – sport as hero’s journey for Liverpool FC.

Given the final was to be against Ajax or Hotspurs, there was already mythical heroism surrounding this semi-final in the Champions’ League. As ever, the emotions the game pulled out of the faithful were what we seek in the best… Continue Reading →

Almost Steven Gerrard – Competition winning short story

Winner of 2012 Creative Writing Olympiad, Sussex  The secrets of the adult world challenge a young boy’s belief in his sporting hero. Almost Steven Gerrard Steven Gerrard started coming to our house the day we were expecting a bloke to… Continue Reading →

Sport and narrative: living through 2013/14 as a Liverpool fan

An old wise-woman, questioned at the gate to the ancient olive grove on the route to Olympia, is thought to have said that a life well-lived needs three things: self-worth, the knowledge that we are loved, and the potential to… Continue Reading →

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