Will Moores

Driven to Design

Week 4: Electronics Production

This week we were asked to have a go at producing some simple circuit boards, I chose to make one that experiments with capacitors and LEDs, the other was a kit that measured temperature using a thermistor.


Below is the temperature sensor kit which utilises a thermistor which becomes more resistant the colder it gets, making the LED glow dimmer as it gets colder. The potentiometer (silver circular component at the bottom of the image) allows for a small amount of tuning, changing the resistance needed to dim the LED.

temperature sensor circuit


This is the breadboard layout of the capacitor comparison circuit that I made using Fritzing, a piece of software that allows you to easily visualise concept circuits without having to buy the components, the red LED is on a lower rated electrolytic capacitor whereas the yellow LED is being run off of a higher rated one. It also uses lower value resistors vs the red LED, they are used to throttle the current for the LEDs so that they live longer without burning out.

LED Cap... Breadboard

Below is a video, demonstrating how a different value of capacitor changes the behavior of the LED once the button is released.






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