Will Moores

Driven to Design



I’m starting to organise the XE404 project and catchup with some of the weeks i’ve not filled out yet. Im currently working on the latest challenge for Week 4.


DP402 – Open Desk Project

The Open Desk pages are now filled out, their are probably some tweaks to be made, but for now its looking a little less baron. The content is adapted from out team’s presentation for the project. Do take a look at the other guys blogs linked here


Initial Content

I have started filling out some of the pages. I’ve decided to link the blogs of the people I have worked with on certain projects. I also have started to redesign the menus as I have already found them annoying to navigate whilst testing the site.


Framework In Progress

The page framework is coming together, Now its a case of filling out the pages. Thanks to the help of a navigation tree diagram.



The Blog Is Up!

The Blog is up! Its gonna be a while before anything amazingly interesting is on here. Watch this space.