After my tutorial and speaking to Jules, we have come to a conclusion that I need to do more research in relation to having more cultural references in my work in order to build a solid zine with a deeper understanding of my theme of female empowerment and body image. I need to figure out how I can use references such as riot girls or pussy riot and connect it to my theme of body image, positivity and self care- whilst creating suitable imagery and illustrations to go with this topic. Although I do not intend on making this zine with a strong political agenda, I believe that it is important to research the origins of riot girl such as the start of the pussy riot movement so that I fully understand their attitudes and beliefs which I can hopefully project onto my final zine so that it has underlying themes the audience can detect. I think this will definitely be challenging as I need to figure out how to include this theme of feminist protest into my work. I think it would be interesting to look into Pussy Riot artwork and styling, whilst incorporating some text such as quotes or poetry to go alongside it- I think this will at least give it some context.


(imagery by Nische Ink of Nadya Tolokonnikova)





I decided to do a small test shoot so that I could then use for collage and illustration purposes. It was quite a last minute shoot therefore did not too much planning for it. I knew I wanted to keep the theme minimal and feminine, so I thought including a floral aspect to it would make the standard portrait stand out. I don’t think that these images have turned out particularly well, however I think I will be able to jazz it up through the use of collage or through illustration. This is simply a good foundation I can build upon. I am really happy with the first three images on the contact sheet and will definitely will be using them for further experimentations.