• PROMOTION ON MAIN ACCOUNT- to firstly increase exposure to the sub-brand we will post on the main account @jacquemus to get the message across. Consistent posting on the main account will allow the sub brand to grow alongside his main brand.
  • SIMILAR STYLE AESTHETIC- Jacquemus has a unique way of presenting his instagram account unlike any other brands therefore the sub brand will stick to this theme of posting the 3 same posts. This will also create an aesthetically pleasing account feed.
  • CONSISTENT POSTING- by consistently posting to the instagram page (ideally daily) and posting at their peak time will allow the sub brand to thrive. I will need to figure out what times Jacquemus’ main audience is active at, along with general peak posting times so that I can schedule posts. However for now, I will use the typical peak posting times so that I can stay consistent in posting to social media.
  • LINK TO THE E-COMMERCE WEBSITE- linking the website and promoting the sub brands online store will drive higher sales and traffic.
  • USE OF HASHTAGS FOR AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT- I want the brand to be able to engage with their audience, therefore I believe utilising the hashtag #etrejacquemus will boost brand exposure and expand the Jacquemus community. This can also be a way to measure the sub brands success, as the amount of people who engage with the hashtag will show whether people are engaged or not.
  • BUY INTO INSTAGRAM ADVERTISING THAT WILL SHED LIGHT ONTO A PART OF OUR MAIN TARGET AUDIENCE- with the use of user internet history and cache, data is stored for each person and knows your likes and dislikes. Être Jacquemus can utilise this element by advertising on instagram spon posts where its purpose will  be mainly to shown people who like to see. fashion, art and lifestyle posts.
  • Être Jacquemus can utilise this element by buying into instagram ads that will be shown to people who are into Jacquemus, fashion, streetwear
  • ASPECT OF GENDER NEUTRAL COLLECTION WILL HOPEFULLY ATTRACT A LARGER AUDIENCE AS JACQUEMUS IS FOCUSED ON WOMENSWEAR- as the brand does not solely focus on gendered clothing, it will hopefully expand Jacquemus’ audience to a wider, less precise market. Therefore in order to do this, promoting on social media will create great exposure for the sub brand.


  • Posting off work hours will allow more people to see the posts.
  • Mondays and Thursdays are the best times for user engagement. I will utilise these peak times by posting two posts on these days around 9am and 5pm.
  • I have used the social media scheduling app to create a posting schedule. By being consistent with posts and times I think it will boost the sub brands awareness successfully.



  • I have decided to create a snapchat filter in order to engage with a wider audience. I have chosen to use the French flag colour scheme to keep up with the consistency and create familiarity with the logo. être _____ is so people can customise the filter in any way they chose. ‘be bold’ ‘be confident’ ‘be kind’ ‘be jacquemus’ is the idea I am trying to get across with this social media campaign. I have decided to stick with a minimalistic concept that still ties into Jacquemus’ main style aesthetic so that it promotes both the sub brand and the main brand. I am trying to create some consistency within all of the campaign platforms in order for it to tie in together.



  • With my chosen target audience of gen Z and existing millennial that already buy into Jacquemus, Snapchat is another fitting social media strategy to promote the sub brand. Recent 2018 snapchat analytics shows that an extremely large  majority of those who use snapchat are under 35, where 20% of those are 18-20 and 34% are 21-24 which is my main target audience that I am trying to sell to. By using snapchat advertisement and relevant filters will help increase brand exposure in a fun and positive way.
  • There is also a higher ratio in men that use snapchat compared to instagram, where 68% are women. Therefore être Jacquemus can utilise snapchat to promote to a wider audience and help push the sub brand into a new category.

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