• My aim for this photoshoot was to convey the idea of disconnecting from the world of anxiety and doubt, and reconnecting with your mental state of mind in order to transfer you to a state of freedom, creativity and self expression.
  • The campaign aims to convey a positive, holistic image- therefore, I decided to shoot in a location filled with foliage and forestry. I am really happy with the location that I used as it I think it embodies the right kind of positive, light hearted message I am trying to portray within the brand.
  • Être Jacquemus values it’s French roots therefore a crucial part of this photoshoot was to source red, white and blue clothing. I was afraid that the clothing colour scheme and the location would somehow clash, however I think the photos have turned out to be successful and the colours seem to have a subtle contrast to them which makes the clothing stand out.
  • I tried to go for minimalistic styles as I did not want to over complicate anything and I am very pleased with what I decided to choose for this campaign. The sub brand focuses on producing gender neutral clothing, so I wanted both Max and Leah dressed in similar styles and pieces that are suitable for everyone. I decided to style Max with a crop top, something that is typically marketed as womenswear- I am particularly happy with this decision as I think it challenges and questions what we perceive as ‘mens’ and ‘women’ fashion. Max also seems to wear it in a delicate, and sophisticated way where I think positively promotes the idea of blurring the lines of gendered fashion. I believe that the future of fashion will see us become more integrated and open to all genders wearing all different styles.
  • Overall, I am extremely happy with how these photos have turned out. I am looking forward to using these images for my three platforms.

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