To create some more consistency in my zine, I want to reconsider the fonts that I am using. After re-thinking, i think that the font that I was previously using (old english)  wasn’t really communicating well with some of the segments of my zine, as well as being quite hard to read- for example the cover. What I originally liked about the old english font was that it was bold, strong, and toughened which I thought went well with the content of my zine. However now looking back, I feel that there are other fonts that I could use which can deliver the same kind of message, however in a way that it is more distinguishable and easy to read.

There are a couple of options that I could use and I have tested out, and I have been deciding between these three slogan fonts for my cover:

(1) Hand drawn slogan from Marthas workshop

(2) Futura (bold)- I like the simplicity of this font, whilst it still communicates the bold, strong elements that I want. I think that this is the font that I will end up using for my cover- and also any subheadings inside my zine (photoshoot headings, title poem etc)

(3) Noise Machine