After speaking with Mark, he has pointed out how I need more of a flow in my zine as parts of it looks quite separated due to the use of too many styles and colour. Therefore, I need to come up with ways in how I can produce more of a consistency in my work in order for the narrative to work. I think the issue I need to resolve is how I can change up the layout and perhaps work into some of my photoshoot (F FOR YOU) images to try and resolve this problem. Sometimes it is best to leave some things out rather than too much, so one thing I could perhaps do to change this is to maybe take away the pink borders, or have some images illustrated/worked into rather than having an image. Another option could be to even have just the pink border images as my main photographs. As the deadline is now approaching, I need to come up with a solution soon therefore will need to carry on experimenting with some more layout ideas.