Over the series of illustration workshops, I feel that I have gained more confidence when it comes to drawing. I think the biggest lesson I have learnt from this is that you don’t always have to be precise with proportions or details, but rather find your own style in order to create a piece of work that is authentic and brings a clear message in what you want to convey. Although I think I still have a long way to go in finding my own style and interpretation of drawing, I still thoroughly enjoyed learning new techniques that I can take further and experiment in the future if I wanted to. What I enjoyed most from this was definitely learning about how simplistic lines and colour can sometimes be all you need in creating a great piece of illustration.


  • My shoot based on a confident woman.
  • Wanted feminine themes.
  • Styled with fishnets (inspired by Pure Stent)
  • I wanted it to be more focused on body parts rather than the main overall body, in order to create a more abstract image.
  • I tried to use fishnet tights over the face to create a more dynamic image, however the images didn’t turn out great so I had to scrap my initial idea, however I found that zooming into the skin and looking more into detail worked better than experimenting with the fishnet tights itself, which I was worried that I was kind of doing at the start.