As a part of Marthas workshop, I needed to create a slogan and a signature font that can perhaps be used for my zine. I am 99% sure that I have decided upon the name of ‘GIRLHOOD’ for my zine so therefore I need to brainstorm and come up with ways in how I want the font to look, which can reflect on the word itself, but also communicate the whole zine/feel i’m going for.

(page in zine where I could use my own type font- i like the idea of having a softer type with a more rigid, toughened font for contrast)


Relating to all the research I have conducted so far, I want to do my own photoshoot to highlight the female form in a raw, empowering light that will hopefully lead to a positive, uplifting outcome. I want the shoot to really focus on the female form- therefore highlighting body parts that some women may feel most insecure about, such as the stomach and its folds, stretch marks, thighs. By really focusing on these areas I aim to achieve an abstract effect, with some images creating an effect where you can’t really distinguish which part of the body it is. I believe that the skin is a beautiful part of body. With skin, it holds your identity- the fine lines and wrinkles defining your age, the colour of your skin defining your race, and so on. I think by highlighting the skin we have is a wonderful way of showing that all bodies are equally as significant. I aim to create a message that allows women to feel confident with their bodies.

I have created a moodboard shown above that carries some inspiration for my shoot. As I have researched the riot grrrl movement, I really like the idea of having women posed in quite strong, abstract poses that almost gives a ‘fuck you’ vibe. I am mostly inspired by the image of the woman in fishnet tights (photographed by Pure Stent) which has a woman bent forwards- it’s almost quite abstract and shows the female form in an interesting way. It would definitely be interesting to experiment with unusual poses which would result in some unique outcomes.