• Mental health- a self care zine focusing on positivity and empowering messages
  • Body positivity (THESE ARE OUR BODIES, taking control of imaging we see on media, being real/raw/honest)
  • Have themes of the impact social media has had on young women
  • Research into riot grrrl
  • A zine based around empowering young women (body image being a large factor in this zine)

Although I have ideas and inspirations for this project, I need to find a solid connection to how I think it will relate back to the sole topic of identity. Who am I? Who are these people I am trying to portray? I have these ideas that I am coming with but I think my biggest obstacle is finding a way to piece these all together to really emphasise what I see as an ‘identity’ and how I am able to portray this through positive connotations.

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