Although it being my first illustrator experience, I had already felt comfortable and familiar with most tools due to my previous experience I have had with inDesign and photoshop. Using the layers, pen and colour picker tool were my best friends to create this simple yet effective illustration piece. To create this, I used the pen tool to trace around eat colour block of the image in a sequence of geometric lines. I then used the colour picker to select the colour in the area until it filled the shape with the desired colour. I repeated this step throughout the whole portrait until I was left with a quirky, geometric shaped portrait. The technique was fun and easy to use, however was very time consuming therefore I didn’t finish the whole image. I definitely need to experiment more with using illustrator and would like to improve on how to use all the different tools. I think with some more knowledge, I would have been able to create a more unique, interesting, in depth background for this image instead of it being just a solid colour or pattern.

I am extremely happy with how this experimental piece turned out and will definitely try to use this technique again with some more recent, relevant work. I think that the geometric shapes and lines can be seen to correspond with the themes of reality vs fake. It could be used to communicate the topic of social media in an exaggerated way of things being pixelated and distorted to highlight the idea of portraying self image on social media.