What is identity?

Identity is an incredibly broad and complex term that can be defined differently person to person. Despite this, there is a common underlying theme that connects and ties them all together in one- its the idea of being, that idea of being part of something, or being recognised as that thing. Identity is the recognition of what you, or someone else is. For this project we have been given an extremely broad and complex topic to explore, as identity is quite a subjective topic.

There are many characteristics that can distinguish what you perceive as someones identity, to name a few it can be down to their;

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Nationality
  • Culture/beliefs
  • Personality traits


(which can be down to your gender, race, social groups, style/trends, personality etc).

Therefore I need to brainstorm any ideas that I have in order to narrow down this theme and create a zine that is focused. I want my zine to be partially personal, but have aspects that others can relate to and understand.


After brainstorming and thinking of ideas on where to start, I have solidified my views on what I believe identity is.  Something I am definitely passionate about currently is what it means to be a woman, and the importance of encouraging and empowering other females alike.