Overall, I think that this shoot was successful and I was able to capture some good portraits. However due to space, I was unable to capture full length images well as things were in the way! Despite this I am happy with the images I got from this new romantics test shoot. If there is a next time, it would like to shoot in a studio space where I am able to fully see my concept and vision through.

For this shoot, I used two sources of light- the camera flash and a lamp. This was not enough exposure for my camera to handle therefore some images came out too underexposed than I wanted them to be. Therefore I went over to lightroom and photoshop to retouch some of these images. I have very little experience with both software therefore it was fun to experiment and play around, getting familiar with both software. I used youtube videos for demonstrations of all the different tools available- such as using the stamp and clone tool to remove imperfections, or how to use the curve tool. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use photoshop and lightroom and I now feel confident to use these learnt skills for further shoots.


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