I am extremely happy with the final outcome of this shoot and I think that it was very successful. We decided to use the studio for this shoot so that our model would be comfortable and confident with her surroundings as we did want to portray a strong, dominant, confident woman for this shoot and we really think she pulled through with this- making our concept show through. We decided to go for a strong, contrasting effect as we wanted it to reflect with the intense outfit and concept. Using the studio gave us great control with lighting and allowed us to create the effect we wanted. As I was inexperienced with using the studio, a lot could have gone wrong, therefore I think the practise that I did in my bedroom from previous test shoots really allowed me to be a little more confident with using studio lighting.

We also took a few images using a red gel infront of the image to create a hazy, effect. We decided we wanted to encorporate some red into the images as it is a symbolic colour that represents desire, passion, sex etc hence why we thought it would be aesthetically pleasing to include some colour. When narrowing down our image selection, we thought that the images were not strong enough to be included into the final selection as the red was maybe too empowering. We still wanted to include some redness into our photos, so I have edited it in to form a bold border instead, which I think compliments the images really well.

When it came to editing these images I wanted to go for an intense, strong black and white effect to really focus on the darkness of the goth subculture. I used lightroom and photoshop to touch up the images by increasing the clarity, contrast and blackness on each image- whilst decreasing the highlights to create a smooth effect that wasnt too harsh to look at.


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