Following on from research, I decided to conduct a shoot based around goth subculture by taking inspiration from fetish wear. For this shoot I wanted to primarily focus on shooting with the boots and experimenting with composition. I decided to use neon lighting strips- inspired by the Marc Jacobs campaign shoot I have previously researched. I thought that this would add an interesting twist on the traditional goth culture shoots that I have seen. Overall, I think that this shoot went okay, however it could have been better if I had the right things to style with as I do not think that her outfit reflects on goth culture or fetish wear. Because of this, I found it hard to focus on the concept that I had in mind which is based on body image and confidence. I do think that some of them do reflect on this theme- such as the portraits. I do think that the outfit ruined the whole theme however it was a valuable shoot to familiarize myself with photography and lighting situations.

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