For one of the final shoots, me and Lauren decided to create a shoot around her subculture- Hippies. Following up with a little bit of research myself and looking into the subculture I was then able to be inspired and to come up with some styling ideas. Lauren also taught me a little bit about the subculture too and what direction she wanted to take for the shoot. We decided upon coming for a concept of freedom and naturalism- and taking the idea of escapism that many subcultures encorporate to escape reality.

There were a few locations we could have used, such as the forrest, or on a field with flowers and trees which would create more of a floral atmosphere and have connotations with ‘FLOWER POWER’. However due to weather conditions in the winter, this would have not played out well. The studio was also out of the question as it was fully booked. Therefore I suggested the beach, where it could still hold these concept ideas however create a whole different vibe- the wind, the sea, the sand.

As I was in charge of styling this shoot, I went pinterest and stores to source the perfect outfit for this shoot. I wanted to go for something super natural therefore looked for colours similar to the beach- so whites, blues, nudes etc. As there is an element of freedom and escapism in our concept, I thought flowy tops or trousers would work best. I was inspired by Roberto Cavalli’s SS11 collection where they featured a lot of fringe and flowy pieces. From this, I was set to find something similar for the shoot.

I then found an all white outfit that I thought would be perfect for the shoot. I decided on an all white outfit as I thought it would work extremely well with the location of the shoot. Which it did. We picked the perfect day to shoot as the lighting conditions were spot on for the shoot, creating golden hues. This outfit was also successful as the movement of the fringe against the wind created dynamic images- movement fitting in really well with our shoot as it embodied the idea of freedom. :




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