The concept of this shoot is primarily focusing on the intensity of raves and trying to recreate the atmosphere experienced. We want the shoot to be aesthetically pleasing colour wise and will be using neon lighting for the back drop. We really want to focus on colour as a way of portrating esapism of everyday life-thus why we think neon artificial lighting reflects this best.

For our final shoot, me and Lauren have chosen to do the Rave subculture as we both felt strongly that we have good concepts we can work with and merge together. For this shoot, the majority of the photography will be done by Lauren whilst I am mainly in charge of the styling. We both agreed that we wanted the lighting in the location to be a main focus as it has bright neon lights we want to use for this shoot. We wanted to use MEATliquor as one of our locations however were unable to as it was unavailable til after our deadline. We have now secured the Bulldog bar which has neon lights throughout so still fits in with our aesthetic for the shoot. So as the lights are a main focus, I feel that the best option for styling is to go with a more toned down colour pallette as I do want to have clashing patterns or colours as I still want this shoot to look aesthetically pleasing.

I used the app/website polyvore to help me visualize the outfits that I would like to put together for the shoot. Here are some of my styling ideas which I think would fit in perfectly with our location and fits in with our rave subculture shoot. I have tried to stick to a 90s rave theme by featuring sportswear brands such as fila and puma. For each of these styling boards I firstly found one item that I definitely wanted to use for each outfit, so for example this first board I searched up camo trousers as this is something that I want to use for my final shoot, then worked from there.  I thought a simple bandeau with fila disruptor shoes would go really well with the baggy trouser fit.

For the second look I focused on the baggy denim jeans and wanted to stick with a neutral theme so I paired it with a fiishnet top with a sports bra underneath so that it sticks with a sports branded theme as well as converse and pink sunglasses which could be used as an interesting prop for posing.

To source the clothing I am going to ask around to see if anybody owns similar items or look around in stores to see if any of it matches with my concept. I am looking forward to this shoot and feel strongly that it will be a success.

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