After doing some research and collating a pinterest board on the New Romantics era, I have decided to plan out a test shoot on this which I think will reflect the research I have undertaken. I have researched themes of gender bending in my research and am hugely inspired Bowie and his transformative styles. His capability to wear whatever he wanted- whether it was catsuits, sharp blazers or sparkling outfits he did it with confidence. I have also taken inspiration from Boy George’s makeup looks as I feel that the outfit relating to the new romantics subculture wouldn’t be complete without it! Here are some things I would like to try and include in my shoot:

  • Experiment with different lighting situations. Does it work better with or without flash?
  • Makeup- i want to create a bold makeup look. Pink eyes, red lips, pale face
  • Outfit- something lacy, with frills or sparkly. I want the look to challenge masculinity by wearing what is considered ‘feminine’

Here are some images I have used for inspiration:


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