For the styling workshop, the aim was to identify two key references around which then I would build a fashion ‘story’ around. So for this task I chose to take references from Raf Simons 2003 collection and William Eggleston’s photography which are both very opposite in terms of imagery and colour.

For my final images, I tried to stick with the theme of removing the subject/model- therefore trying to cover the face- making the subject masked and unknown to highlight the idea of having concealed identities due to the fact that we consume and buy into brands that make us uniform and unoriginal. As Eggleston’s work also works with the idea of not showing faces in many of his photographs I tried to find ways that I could be pose the model quite dramatically to portray this. So for some images I asked Thuraya to pose in ways so her hair was draped over her face, or she would be dramatically hanging over the stair case in order to hide her features.

The colour palette for Raf Simons’ 2003 ‘Consumed’ collection  was mainly all black with the use of leather, nets and plastic looking fabrics thus I tried to replicate some of this the outfit. I think Simons’ idea behind the use of these different fabrics represents the artificial nature of our society in this generation. For styling of this shoot, she wore black leather flares which became a main subject in the images as they stood out to the rest of the look. I found that the black juxtaposed dramatically with the yellow backdrop which was definitely something I wanted in my final images as the main element for this shoot was to find ways to be opposite.

Overall, I enjoyed the shoot as it allowed me to step out of the box and think of ways on how you can take completely opposite or random references and combine them to create something interesting and a little more bizarre. In order to improve I think I could have experimented with ways on how I could maybe incorporate some other textures of black clothing to make it look more exciting. Or maybe even try using clothing and styling it in a way on how it is not typically worn- for example, I could have used fishnet tights (similarly to how Raf Simons used net) and used it to cover her face, or worn as a top, or worn over trousers to create a more unusual outfit.



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