For this project, I have been given ankle boots as my object. For the first part of the brief I will do primary research by going into town and looking for style inspiration and also ideas of what people like to wear. My aims for the first part of this project are:

  • STYLE HUNT- approach people and ask if I am able to take a photograph of what they are wearing. Ask a few simple questions, such as why they chose this certain pair of boots, how else would they choose to style them, are there any brands they particularly like for shoes/boots?
  • MARKET RESEARCH- go to stores (both high street and vintage) to distinguish certain styles, shapes, materials etc in order for me to understand what I am working with.

Hopefully by doing this I am able to figure out how to move on from this brief as I do find the object ankle boots to be quite a broad area of what I am able to do due to the many different styles available.

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