As a part of the object brief, I am to deconstruct my object. I started to rethink an old pair of boots in detail first in order to distinguish the possible outcomes I could come out with. I had found an old pair of black knee-high sock boots made from a stretchy synthetic fabric, with a small kitten heel from a charity store. I liked the fact that they were plain and lacked character as it allowed me to transform the object to however I desired.

For the final outcome, I started cutting up the boot. Firstly, as they were knee length boots I cut them down until they became ankle boots. I liked these pair of boots as they reminded me of Balenciaga’s latest sock boots which have a similar shape. I wanted to transform the boot into something inspired by the punk movement. I started cutting at each seam until i was left with separate segments. I used safety pins to ‘sew’ the shoe back together unevenly which I think gave it a more distressed, chaotic feel to them. Sticking with the idea of irregularity, I decided to leave the other boot untouched, simply adding lacing up the back of the boot tied up like a corset for a more stylish finish. Again, I thought the black and yellow provided a contrast which ties into the look well.

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