I’m Nam. Short for Wainam. My parents moved from Hong Kong to Cardiff, Wales during their adulthood and it is where I grew up. I spent a lot of my childhood playing with dolls by dressing and designing clothes for them. This is where my love for fashion and styling stems from. Throughout my years in high school I paid particular attention to all creative subjects such as art, and textiles- this definitely gave me the opportunity to have a solid understanding on skills and techniques needed to progress further in education. Growing up I originally aspired to be a designer, however I later went on to do my art foundation year at my local college where I found a love for photography.

I chose this course in particular because of the diversity of what you are able to do and achieve. I hope this will allow me to step out of my comfort zone into trying out new and exciting things. I am most excited about the photography and styling part of this course however I am also very interested in learning about the business aspect.

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