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Week 6 – Auteur & Film Review

This weeks task was in response to learning about the meaning of an auteur filmmaker. Therefore this weeks task was to write a film review based on an actor we believe to be an auteur. My focus was Edgar Wright… Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Genre

5/03/20 Genre: Research for Practice Genre is roughly translated from the word ‘type’, relating to the ‘types’ of film. Genre is used to organise film better in terms of appealing to target audiences and for marketing strategies. Horror is one… Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Film on Film

27/02/20 In this weeks lesson we were taught about Kino-eye and Non-narrative Film. Whilst Hollywood films tended to follow more a more narrative structure, another popular form of film primarily focused on the visuals of a film. An experimental style of… Continue Reading →

Week Three – Characterisation (Scripting)

Serenity [First Draft] – A copy of the script I wrote as part of this weeks task. I found myself really enjoying this task as screenplay is one of the areas in film that I would really like to work… Continue Reading →

Cinema of Attraction – Early Cinema

13/02/20 In this weeks lesson we were able to delve into more the history of cinema, particularly between the years 1895-1905. Looking at the varying qualities and aesthetics of these films types usually following a short format with little cutting,… Continue Reading →


In film and media there are terms that are used that some may not understand. Mise en Scene – Is the arrangement of the props and scenery within the set of the film or on a stage. This includes wardrobe,… Continue Reading →

Edublogs Introduction

Welcome to your brand new blog at University of Brighton Blog Network. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit our comprehensive support site… Continue Reading →

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