All of the files here are things that you can use to explain the strike action to students.  The information in the announcement template and the ‘Reasons We Have to Strike” files is very clear on the inequality and unfairness that we are aiming to change. Students will understand that these things are worth fighting for, even if that fight will have an impact on their study.

STRIKE_2019_Student_Announcement_template – A template to use in email or studentcentral announcement informing students of the strike action

PNG (image) infographic explaining the background context in HE that has led to this strike action “Reasons We Have to Strike” An image file of an infographic explaining the background context in Higher Education

reasons we have to strike – A PDF version of this infographic

Strike 2019 student info powerpoint – A set of powerpoint slides to use in classes to explain reasons for the strike to students

Strike 2019 out of office template – An out-of-office reply template to use during the days of strike action


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