March 20


Wednesday 15th March

As part of last week’s task, I was to create an infographic detailing an aspect of English language learning. Whilst it was in early development during last week’s session, I decided to continue and finish such during the week. I took a rather amateur approach to this and used adobe flash rather than taking advantage of the available software that allows the creation of professional infographics. I have previously created infographics of sorts, for instance, my current curriculum vitae takes the form of an infographic in its most basic sense.

Having created such however I can easily see the potential benefits of creating and using infographics for certain areas of English. Since the creation of this, I have begun to brainstorm ideas of how to create more professional looking infographics and potential areas of English to create such around. I feel there is real potential to develop such as useful and meaningful tools in the classroom, both for students and teachers, especially those in early practice as is such often the case with the teachers I work with.