Task 3

Michael’s house – MORNING

Opening scene – Michael is looking at himself in the toilet’s mirror

Camera moving upward from his feet up to his face.

– Chubb legs
– beer belly
– hairy chest
– moobs
– weak arms
– unshaved beard
– not much left of a haircut

He exhales and walks to the sink to brush his teeth.

MICHAEL talking to himself

– What do we want to do Michael? I mean, now it’s the 34th that you keep repeating this to yourself! YOU NEED TO GET IN SHAPE! And what has changed since the beginning of all of this? Nothing! Except the fact that now, you’re not just out of shape but you’re bald as well. Ah, I still remember the long, blonde and wavy Barbra streisand – like hair that you used to have. now it’s just a faded memory.

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